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3 Myths about AutoBody Shops

It’s never easy choosing the right auto body shop to fix your car, especially if you don’t know the ins and outs of your vehicle.

It might be tempting to pick whatever auto body shop is first to pop up in a Google search, but that isn’t always advisable.

There are many misrepresentations and myths circling around about autobodies and insurance. At Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint, we want to dispel some of the rumours so you can make better decisions for your vehicle.

Myth #1: All Estimates Are The Same

You may think, especially if ICBC is picking up the bill, that all estimates are the same. You may believe that so long as the Coquitlam auto body repair shop is ICBC certified, it doesn’t matter where you take your car. However, you should look at things such as Google reviews, testimonials, and awards. By checking out an auto body collision’s credentials, it can save you a headache in the long run.

At Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint we offer award-winning service. Check out our Review page and our Better Business Bureau rating as we have an A+ rating. You’ll see many of our customers raving about our service and quality work.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you receive two or more estimates that are vastly different for the same service, please ask the autobody shop to explain the differences. You’ll want to know why one thing costs more and what is the reasoning behind it. We are always happy to explain our difference in quality and customer service.

Myth #2: A Car Will Never Be the Same After An Accident

A lot of drivers believe that once they are in a serious accident, their vehicle will never be the same after.

At Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint, we work with ICBC to ensure your vehicle is completely safe and not only roadworthy but handles just as beautifully before the accident.

When the repairs are complete, you should always do a personal inspection with the technician to make sure everything is repaired and up to your standard. After all, you’ll be the one depending on your vehicle for travel.

Some of the things you should examine are the panel alignment, the paint quality, and wheel alignment. Look for splatters of paint or uneven streaks. All these are signs the technicians didn’t do a very thorough job. Also, ensure the trunk, doors, and hood all open and close properly.

You should always inquire about warranty on parts and labour before making a decision on which autobody you should trust with your vehicle. If your car doesn’t drive as well as before, then you want to make sure the autobody can fix it without any extra charge to you.

At Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint we always give you a warranty on parts and service so in the unlikely event anything does go wrong, then you can come back, and we’ll fix it right away.

Myth #3: Only Car Dealerships Can Properly Repair Your Car

You may think the best place to take your car for repairs is a dealership, but they can be expensive and sometimes overcharge you for the same work that another auto body shop will do for a lesser price.

One of the reasons people believe this myth is they believe that only dealerships can order the original manufactured part or equipment for your vehicle. However, many auto body repair shops can find you the original part and restore the vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

At Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint repair shop, we are extremely picky about details and can get original parts or even original paint colour – even if it’s unique. For example, you may spend a fortune if you take a luxury car to your dealership when we can get all the parts you need for a better price. We are known for fixing custom cars and luxury vehicles so please don’t hesitate to contact us before talking to a dealership.

Hopefully this post gives you a better idea about what to look at and what to avoid when choosing an auto body repair shop. If you need a free estimate give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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