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Problems Caused by Rear End Collsions

Getting into a car accident unfortunate and rear-end collisions can be even more punishing. With a lot of rear-end collisions, your vehicle will have some form of serious damage – even if you can’t see it. Always get your vehicle inspected by a reputable auto body collision center like Prancing Horse Autoody when in a collision, even if you don’t think you have any damage.

Anytime you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, the most important thing is to ensure that you and the people involved are not injured. Injuries can show up days, weeks, and even sometimes months later. Once you’ve taken care of everybody, the next thing that you have to deal with is the damage to your vehicle. Here are some common problems you might have to address.

Alignment Issues

Alignment issues are probably one of the most common problems when in an accident. If you notice any changes to how your car drives – your car drifts, wobbles, or you have problems with turning – your vehicle is most likely misaligned. Alignment should be fixed immediately because apart from being difficult to drive, it can wear down your vehicle quicker and pose a serious safety hazard.

Transmission Issues

A rear end collision has a high probability of causing transmission problems. Many cars and trucks have transmission parts located towards the back of the vehicle which can be damaged in an accident. If you experience your transmission slipping, fluid leakage, or difficulty shifting into another gear, you should immediately take your vehicle in to get checked out. These are all signs of transmission problems.

Trunk Malfunctions

You’ll probably notice if your trunk isn’t working properly after an accident, but there could also be minor issues that go unnoticed, especially if you don’t use your trunk often. For example, your trunk may not lock properly. This can be dangerous if you leave your vehicle unattended for several hours and could make an easy target for thieves. Another issue is if the trunk’s seal is damaged which could lead to moisture buildup and lasting water damage.

Hidden Body Damage

Lastly, you could have hidden body damage. Beneath the paint, bumper and covers are many complicated components, especially in modern vehicles. For example, there are rear-dash cameras that need to be checked and can easily break in a collision. You shouldn’t rely on visual appearance alone to determine whether or not your car is damaged.

Even if you’re in a minor fender bender, don’t just assume that your vehicle has minor damage. Behind what might look like a small bump, could lurk some serious internal damage. Modern cars are designed to crumple more on impact: this protects the occupants better but does little for the sustainability of the vehicle. The bottom line is if you’re in an automobile accident, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Give Prancing Horse Autobody & Paint and book an appointment today.

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